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The “Homes for Bay Area Heroes” program is a special pricing and services package designed exclusively for the men and women who serve in our country’s military and the front line firefighters, police, nurses, and teachers who serve our local communities. They are our “Heroes” and far too often the dedication of these service people go unnoticed or taken for granted. Not here! This is our way of saying you are greatly appreciated and “Thank You!”

How it works
 Rubio's Real Estate Group will donate 8% of our closing commission to our "Hero" client.
  For example, a $1M transaction at 2.5% commission rate will yield $8,000 back to the client.
$1,000,000 x .008 = $8,000
additionally, several service providers have chosen to participate by offering fee reductions and service discounts.  Participating lenders may offset or cover the appraisal while home inspection providers may offer discounts on select inspections.


MILITARY:  Active Duty, Veteran, Retired, Reservist, National Guard

LAW ENFORCEMENT:  Police Officer, Prison Guard, Highway Patrol, County Sherriff, Retired.

FIREFIGHTERS:  Active, Retired, Volunteer

HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL & FIRST RESPONDERS: Nurse, Technician, EMT, Home Health Aide, Amublance, Dispatch



Special Note

Occassionally, programs like this are met with skepticism and cynism.  We aware of several online conversations that question the motivation and criticize the amount of gestures like these.  Our only response is we respect other opinions and can only speak for ourselfs.  We give a portion of my commission to express my appreciation for our "Heroes."  We understand that the amount of the gesture probably will not change anybody's life in any significant way.  As long as they know we appreciate them, that's good enough for us.
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